Monday, January 5, 2015

silat seni gayong


Silat Seni Gayong is a style of silat from Malaysia. It was the first martial arts association to be registered in the country, and is now the biggest and most internationally-known school of silat Melayu. In Malaysia, Gayong is overseen by Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia (PSSGM) or the Malaysian Silat Seni Gayong Organisation. This organization is currently led by Datuk Ismail bin Jantan. While it is most popular in Malaysia and Singapore, there are also branches in Vietnam, Australia, France, Kuwait, Tunisia, Britain, and the United States.

Seni Gayong originated among the Bugis people of SulawesiIndonesia and was called silat sendi harimau. Literally meaning "tiger joint silat", the system utilized the tiger claw technique to lock opponents' joints. The Bugis prince Daeng Kuning, descended from a long line of warriors, brought the style to the Malay Peninsula in the 1800s. It was eventually passed down to his great-grandson Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. The teaching of seni gayong, as with most styles of silat, was once restricted to relatively few students under each master. In 1942 during the Japanese Occupation, Meor Abdul Rahman taught seni gayong publicly in Sudong island, Singapore when the locals feared an attack by the Japanese. Having inherited the art from his father, Dato Meor Abdul Rahman eventually founded Malaysia's first martial arts association, Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia. The leading silat organization in the country, it was and still remains the style taught to the Royal Malaysia Police force.



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