Friday, December 12, 2014

this is all about me ^_^

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hey hello are in my blog of for this entry i prefer to write in english as told by my lecturer as an individual assignment for subject STID1103 computer application in this entry i will tell about my personal information as a Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) student..but i am not very good in writing in english, so i'm sorry if i use broken english..hope you will understand..hehe..
okey..first of name is Muhammad Amirul Hafizi B. matric number is can find me on the UUM portal..i studied in Bachelor of Communication and i was a final year student..for now i live at DPP EON..i'm from when i speak,most of my words end with "g"..hehe..emm..i describe myself as a very friendly person (because i like to speak to anybody even i didn't know them), a talkative person,nice (haha) and i like to make friend with student from others for now i have many friends like from china, palestin (Gaza), somalia, indonesia, and a few of them i know because i'm doing my assignment like i have to interview foreigner..and some of them i know when i join a it is good for me because i can learn their culture when we talk each others..okey,enough about UUM, i am very active in martial art..i have joined Persatuan Silat Gayong Serantau UUM club and i was a former exco of this club..and every week (monday night) i will come to foyer library to practice silat with my friends..and now i have become a senior in this club so i have to train the juniors that join, we are like a family..we called it "gayong family" i think thats all for now..i dont know what to write down anymore..but dont worry..i will update this entry when i got new idea of what i want to tell you guys..thank you ^_^

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