Sunday, December 14, 2014

my place..

this is my edited picture using graphic application software 
i just introduce myself in others entries in this entry, i will tell you about my as you know, i'm from Dungun, Terengganu..what is on your mind when you think about Terengganu?? of course about the "keropok lekor" right? yup..if we compare the "keropok" in another place in Malaysia, the "keropok" that made in Terengganu was the most delicious one and cannot be compare with, when the outsiders comes to Terengganu, they will buy "keropok" in a large amount. So the most popular place in Terengganu that sell "keropok" is Keropok Losong in Losong, Terengganu.. many people talk about it..the "keropok losong has its own and unique taste.. if you didnt believe what im saying, you have to try it by i show to you some picture of "keropok lekor terengganu"

this is the process to make the "keropok lekor"

after being boiled in water..

"keropok" is ready to eat ^_^

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